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Grace Sigma is a Denver-based, boutique process engineering consultancy specializing in the intersection where business process meets technology. We work nationally in such industries as finance, telecom, and government. We use lean methods to assist in documentation development, data dashboarding, storytelling, process visualization, training, and project management.

Whether you’re a small business looking to scale effectively or a large corporation whose processes have become tangled, Grace Sigma can help.

Planning & Strategy

We ask the hard questions to assess the issues you know about and uncover the ones you didn't know existed. Then we create and implement a solid plan of action.

Hands-on Audit, Assessment, Reengineering, and Training

We work directly with teams to identify problems and develop strategies for process and workflow improvements.

Mix of Technical Savvy and Interpersonal Communications Skills

We're ASQ certified Six Sigma Black Belts, and we know how to the root of issues and train teams to adapt.

We Have More Than
12 Years of Real-World Experience

Grace Sigma is owned and operated by Sarah Harrison. She’s an expert at process engineer, business process analysis, and Lean Six Sigma.

Sarah is a technically savvy, approachable leader who loves data analysis and the scientific method and knows how to communicate process improvements and optimized workflows to team members in order to gain their buy-in and drive change. It’s a rare mix.

Sarah Harrison

Managing Director

Optimize Your Business Operations with the Right Business Process Solutions

Process Engineering

Business process reengineering is the streamlining of processes by challenging each and every step of an organization’s current processes.

Business Process Analysis

Business process analysis enables organizations to implement consistent ways of working that can be optimized to achieve business goals.

Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma focuses on reducing variation and uncertainty in processes. It uses a five-step method to identify root causes and provide world-class solutions.

What Our Clients Say About Grace Sigma

Here’s a sampling of what our satisfied clients have to say.

Carolyn Daughters

Business Owner

Carolyn Daughters - www.carolyndaughters.como

Sarah is THE person you want assessing and managing the details of your project. Her forte is crafting and implementing process improvements. Nothing escapes her attention. She’s not afraid to ask the hard questions, and she excels at creating strategies that lead to real results. She knows how to recognize a good idea when she hears one. Better yet, she knows how to bring that idea to life.

Matt Rowe

Team Agent

Matt Rowe

Sarah stepped into a complex business architecture and was able to navigate our company with results. The way Sarah thinks and processes business challenges has been beautiful to watch. It is an honor to work alongside someone with her intelligence, drive and work ethic. Our team is fortunate to have a leader that pushes the company to become better and who backs it up with data, logic, reasoning and action.