Process Engineering,
Business Process Analysis, and Lean Six Sigma

You need a partner who can listen deeply and drive change.
consulting solutions that streamline optimize operations

Professional Consultancy Services

Are time, labor, materials, and other resources being used as effectively as possible?

Are you eliminating wasteful activities that provide no value to you or your customers?

Do you know how to develop leaner processes to better serve your customers and cut costs?

I can help. I build gentle partnerships with organizations to position them to analyze, stabilize, and reengineer processes that work for them and for their customers.

Looking to Upskill Your Team?

We offer a variety of process improvement workshops that can be customized to meet your needs or even designed using your organization’s data and materials.

Lean Six Sigma

We’ll reduce variation and uncertainty in processes, identifying root causes.


We’ll follow a clear, five-step process: Define > Measure > Analyze > Improve > Control

Lean Principles

We’ll implement world-class solutions that address your operational problems.

Process Support to Enable You
to Scale Your Organization

Whether something has gone off the rails or you're ready to take the next step in expansion, it may feel overwhelming. After listening deeply to your vision and needs, we will work together to formulate a custom plan to effectively address them.

Process Mapping and Documentation

Team member shadowing, process and workflow mapping, and flow charting.​

Project Management

Planning, putting the project plan into action, and measuring progress and performance.

Process Template Development & Training

Documenting processes, testing documentation, and training staff in process use.

Process Analysis & Waste Reduction
Business process optimization and implementation of lean business processes
Data Analysis, Visualization, and Storytelling
Displaying data to provide insights that will support better decisions — the story behind the data.
Strategic Project Partnering Support

Gap analysis and targeted project support to stabilize operations and create a plan of action.

Let's Talk About Your Business Goals and Needs

The first step in the process is for us to connect. Tell me what problems your organization is facing. I'll help you identify what's working and what's not -- and I'll build and implement a plan to reengineer processes and optimize workflows.

For change to be effective, it must align with the culture. I work closely with team members in offices and in manufacturing facilities to align goals and expectations.

I am an ASQ-certified Six Sigma Black Belt with three U.S. patents. I know how to implement continuous improvements and turn ambitious ideas into reality.

Process reengineering is just the beginning. Using a hands-on approach, I’ll upskill your team and teach them how to systematize processes and work more efficiently.


Read what our satisfied clients have to say.

Sarah stepped into a complicated business architecture and was able to navigate our company with results. The way Sarah thinks and processes business challenges has been beautiful to watch. It is an honor to work alongside someone with her intelligence, drive and work ethic. Our team is fortunate to have a leader that pushes the company to become better and who backs it up with data, logic, reasoning and action.

Matt Rowe Speaker, Author, #MSCoach, Identity of Health Podcast Host

I'm having difficulty finding appropriate words to thank you for realigning and expanding my work thought processes. You have reminded me that data is the "once upon a time" story starter for strategic improvement, that there are stages to becoming better, that I should trust the process and put in the work, and that chaos can be understood and from it sustainable systems can be hatched. Thank you, my friend and colleague.

Brenda Maes Early Childhood Prof. Credential Manager, Colorado Department of Early Childhood